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Luxury stool

Emotional design on high end products, Jover+Valls.

In a highly competitive market, luxury brands compete to distinguish themselves to engage customers. With several classifications, luxury products not only underline quality and price, over time design strategies are based on principles, like being able to recognise industry trends, customizing, sustainability, tending to art and also provide a luxury experience. It’s important to highlight […]

Contemporary furniture and home decor

The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.

The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.With the expansion of our current stock on home décor items, we are working with artisan collaborators in different disciplines, because we want to highlight a beautiful trade that creates unique pieces.  We are living in times of a continuous loss of hand-crafted trades, real authentic products and […]

Luxury furniture design

Luxury Furniture design that speaks through emotions.

A gallery is a unique place that generates emotions, intentional feelings that come directly from a creative side. Designers and artists speak to the public trough their work, this is where all the creative professions converge in a universal language. The importance of a gallery lies in the ability to gather different disciplines under one […]

High end Spanish furniture.

Jover+Valls Representing Spanish Design in Paris, France.

Jover+Valls was in Paris, France. In an important event about ¨Spanish Design¨ organized by CCI France-Espagne, a team of professionals responsible in the development of commerce between Spain and France, with the objective to promote business relations between these countries and furniture manufacturers. CCI is an Organization with an important influence on business relations and business […]

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