The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.

The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.With the expansion of our current stock on home décor items, we are working with artisan collaborators in different disciplines, because we want to highlight a beautiful trade that creates unique pieces.  We are living in times of a continuous loss of hand-crafted trades, real authentic products and natural materials due to the overwhelming mass production of products, in consequence of this, craftmanship has been positioned as the new luxury. History, heritage and culture are priceless and it needs to receive the importance it deserves.

Through the collaboration of artisans and designers it can be possible to re-contextualize and revalue the global artisanship of a true contemporary luxury design. This is where Jover+Valls and Idoia Cuesta come into play in this remarkable collaboration.

Idoia Cuesta’s work consist of the fusion of basketry and textiles and the combination of organic materials with many different artisan techniques, always looking to make pieces with its own identity, based on the raw materials available.

Jover+Valls wants to add a line of basketry made of leather and metals with the help of the expert hands of a renowned artisan. Today was a remarkable day for these two brands as they shared knowledge in a workshop organized by Javier Jover, CEO of Jover+Valls.

Idoia Cuesta was able to show firsthand the skills that made her one of the best and trendy artisans of the moment, as we can see on her previous experience working with internationally recognized high-end brands.

Jover+Valls and Idoia Cuesta, share the same passion for craftmanship, with a firm believe in the importance of the new position its taking in the global luxury market.

We will continue to grow as a luxury furniture manufacturer with the development of home decoration products of the best quality made by the most valued artisans of the region. We are confident on how each product will reflect the quality, hard work and passion it was made. As a reminder to support a timeless trade that resists the industry.

We can’t wait for the new products to come as a result of this collaboration of these two brands. We also want to thank Idoia Cuesta for sharing her time and knowledge with us today in this workshop. Jover+Valls.

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