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We introduce our leather candleholder’s collection designed at our atelier, hand-made by leather artisans using top grade European cowhides that become sub-product from food industry, vegetable tanned using waxes, tree barks and natural pigments for dyeing. Slightly diverse markings that may occur, show the seal of the craftsman manufacturing.

Our leathers pass over a tumbled process that praises the natural grain pattern and does not have a uniform grain structure, the grain structure of skins varies and skins within the same production batch differ from one to the other.

Our scented bespoke candle collection is hand-poured in Spain, following a centennial artisan formula that combines smoke-free vegetable waxes, cotton wick and genuine aromas, on a hand-blown glass case, obtaining a sustainable and one-of-a-kind product.

Our candleholders and candles are presented as a decorative home accessory, choose the ideal combination for your spaces, available in 2 different sizes, 3 designs, 5 leather main colors and 4 aromas. A combination of highly scented and refined artistic craftsmanship to make the perfect decorative piece to adorn any space.

Equipo Jover+Valls

JOVER+VALLS es un atelier de decoración de hogar español en el que la honestidad y la destreza manual se unen para crear muebles únicos y personalizados.

Producidos en España utilizando técnicas y conocimientos tradicionales, JOVER + VALLS reta los cánones artesanales e incorpora a su mobiliario innovación técnica y diseño contemporáneo.

La combinación de materiales cuidadosamente seleccionados con procesos y acabados originales crean piezas únicas que reflejan la personalidad de la marca.

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