The Silent power of design, through exclusive furniture.

The human condition of change is an intrinsic behavior, when our life falls prey in the claws of routine, our first instinct is to seek for diversity trough a process of reconstruction, and what can be a better way than by a modern interior design. The silent power of home accessories and exclusive furniture serves as allies in our fight against monotony.

Interior design is influenced by trends, technology and aesthetics, a modern house interior design does not have to be restricted to metal edges or glossy surfaces, the art of creating harmony in a space relies on the interior designer skills.

The distribution of the objects is as important as the selection of the atelier furniture, it’s a shame to let unique modern furniture disappear in a sea of tumultuous objects. An inadequate arrangement will make any of the luxury home accessories get lost. On the other hand, if you create contrast with its backdrop it can highlight the objects originality and uniqueness, for tha reason it is important to take under considerations factors like, size, color, texture and style.

Unique modern furniture that transmits sensation.

A simple change can start from something as simple as sofa cushions, or elegant kitchen stools, objects that coexist with us every day can potentially make our day to day better.

High end furniture can seduce and capture many sensations, its texture, materials, techniques and the status it represents situates any user into a select, more demanding market where top quality materials and forefront designs is a must.

Simplicity and uniformity can take an interior design to reach a level of harmony. The place where we live becomes a transmitter of sensations, our own home needs to be a representative of our feelings, our tastes and our creativity.

Jover+Valls works hard on every piece of designer furniture to transmit sensations of comfort, style and tradition. The artisan techniques blends with modern CNC machining processes, to have as a result high end furniture pieces with character and personality, pieces made to last many generations, modern style furniture and luxury home accessories as your best tool to highlight the best part of your home.


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