Exclusive High-end furniture, Jover+Valls.

Have you ever thought of exclusive high-end furniture?

If your answer is YES then you need to think JOVERS +VALLS .

Jovers +valls is a leading producer of exclusive luxury design furniture Our furniture is state of the art and meets all European Spanish standards. Our passion for high-end modern has propagated old fashion that comeselegance with comfort and functionality.

Each piece or set of our furniture is organically and traditionally merged, with the aid of steel and leather, this is in line with the initiative to go support the SDG by going green. We care about your needs when it comes to exclusively high-end bar stools with a touch of the environment and your height needs.

For instance, the variety of our bar stools is of a kindand intend to serve you at the convenience of your area of specialization.

We also give you the audacity to choose your color preferences, to ensure that your color doesn’t clash with that of your room.

Exclusive interior design

Just as it is different from other furniture stores, Jovers +valls designs and crafts your furniture from scratch to your doorstep, with any customizations available.

Jovers +valls is the producer of exclusive high-end bar stools.

A leading high-end furniture store across the Spanish European furniture market.

Our craftsmen are totally obsessed with quality, that is why they deploy their prowess towards the production of all kinds of coffee tables to meet your color and home needs.

Remember when you think a little bit out of the box and creativity is your fuel, there is always room for customizations.

Taburete de lujo

In the meantime, our tables are exclusively crafted with experienced technicians with CNC technology, one of a kind in order to go systematically with the furniture needs of a modern person who fancy luxury that comes hand in hand with quality and durability.

Our tables meet your needs in style. From office right to a coffee break in town and our sweet, sweet home.

Make luxury your companion, abnd your home shall be a place to stay . This starts at Jovers+Valls.

This is an organic compilation of carefully sourced raw material that brings the exact purpose of life to actualization, in all walks of life especially the urban dwellers, the nightlife lovers, and the corporate class.People say lavish furniture, but we say it ain’t lavish without a touch of elegance from our craftmen at Jovers+valls.

Luxury design is who we are and that is why we save you the cost of going to the school of design or hire an expert.

We have Passion for clean and simple geometric lines aimed at availing, neatly woven and fabricated high-end furniture as we add modern aesthetic with good old fashion comfort and functionality.

Each piece of furniture is a unique selection of fine and locally tunned Spanish leather to the finest of steel.

Each piece of exclusive furniture we produce is finished with keen attention to detail. And everything from us is made in a manner that it become the focal point in any environment.

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