Finding exclusive furniture has never been easy, especially when it comes to high end furniture. Many people buy furniture, not just because they need it but also put on more emphasis on important factors as; The color, material, size of the space at home, the cost, features, durability. The modern world is flooded with many shops specifically targeting high end furniture customers. This is the case with the European furniture market. With them lie upscale furniture stores, such as Jover+Valls.

European exclusive furniture by Jovers+valls.

Jovers+Valls is almost overtaking the European furniture market. as a Spanish company that primarily produces high end furniture of European furniture standards for the urban dwellers. With a touch of Spanish craftsmanship, Jovers+Valls, has taken over the European market in producing state of the art high end modern furniture.

Our crafts men focus on homeware for urbanity and the luxury home wares produced. Spanish crafted high end modern furniture is produced from carefully sourced noble and sustainable material and resources.

The average life span of normal furniture is a maximum of 8 years.The material put in for the production of high end modern furniture are selected from top manufactures who ensure delivery of quality and lasting material such as; Saddle Leather, Steel.

This guarantees the customers durable products that can last a lifetime if carefully handled.

The criteria we use to source our material.

  • The demanding taste of the clients
  • The colors in trend.
  • Craftmaship.

For instance, the leather used is saddle leather that is produced from premium tanning vegetable whereby they come in multiple colors depending on the needs of the client.

The metal that is used is strong but malleable whereby a small portion of carbon is added to enhance ductility. We employ traditional dynamics in fabricating our leather and steel.

This one guarantees quality, innovative and careful crafting to ensure that the quality of it is not compromised. Our products Our unique and exclusive.

Wanderlust Barstool.

Taburete de piel

The extraordinary design of our bar stools are made in a way that there are customizable. Metal bars and leather in a beautiful implication to modern European furniture and traditional decor.

The conformation Included are 4 metal leg extensions that adjust to your height from the counter to the bar height. Expertly done with strong, metal frames, the stool’s features are rich design.

It is furnished traditionally with powder-coated finish depending on the clients color needs and an accenting vegetable tanned leather.

Its designer backrest guarantees optimal support where the footrest gives a comfortable space to rest your feet. With this you rest assured that, you can swivel, rock back and forth while having your cup of coffee most definitely at the bar.

Jover+Valls as European art Furniture.

We major in the production of art furniture such as, seats, tables, stools. With our own design studio. This products are made in a manner that they offer comfort to the client and offer a diverse and spacious environment required by artisans.

This is a creative combination of leather and steel bars. The chair is made to provide maximum comfort on outdoor or indoor activities.

The innovation is aimed at making chairs a pleasure to sit on. A tidy sewing is initiated on the edge where the leather binds with the metal. The artisans ensure that there are no loose threads at all hence guaranteeing the client a nice, comfy add modern living.

Modern armchairs can be customized with three steel colors finish: Black Smoke, Aged Brass, Old Silver Leather finish: leather, Black, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Natural Tobacco.

Jover+Valls Spanish marble table

It is very hard for a household to thrive without tables. These exclusive tables are very important when it comes to normal operations at home. Our tables are made based on the latest European furniture ascent to meet the need of clients.

With this armchair you can really love the scent of your coffee while watching the serenity of nature from a wide window, with blossoms on a hedge.

They are done as a result of cold bending steel rods. A leather combination is put in place to bring nature to life with elegance.

Our exclusive furniture is crafted in a way that the leather holds onto the steel rods with no allowances.

We allow the clients to bring in their ideas, in the craft of products suited for their taste. This is in regard to color, shape, size and even the preference of the material, we can customize it.

We offer a wide range of products that can practically be sourced from our outlets all over Spain and Europe.With this you have a reason to choose on our products and put on a smile.

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