Quico Valls Interview

Quico Valls is a calm, caring and reserved character. Born in Alcoy, Alicante (Spain), the city has always been his playground for 43 years, the place where he grew up, where he feels at home after his travels and where he finds his inspiration.
If you were to ask him where he would wake up in the middle of a perfect dream, his answer would be in a cottage in the mountains, in a really peaceful and quiet location, surrounded by trees and a garden, from where he could see Alcoy, the city that gives him a sense of familiarity and a connection to his routines, work and friends. This description I not far from his own reality, as he lives in a beautiful and simple countryside house with splendid views over the mountains.
Quico feels inspired by nature and its organic shapes, which he says has helped him to transform his technical thoughts into creative and innovative shapes. Is the simplicity of his environment what he translates into the shapes he welds, turns and twists metals into. Those simple processes and forms of creation keep surprising and inspiring him every day. “I´m still amazed about the fact that a bar of metal can become something so beautiful. The limit is only your imagination”. That may be the reason why he considers that craft combined with an open and receptive mind are the factors that allow art creation: “I´m someone that likes mastering techniques and processes. Those tools and skills allow me to think rationally and then challenge the status quo and create art. Everything is possible when you know how”.
It´s not by coincidence that Quico knows so much about working with metal. His father was already in the business when he was born in 1974, so from an early age he spent many hours in the factory learning the craft. Twenty years ago, after studying at the school of Arts and Crafts in Alcoy, he founded his own company with two business partners. Life rolled on, one project followed another, new machines were acquired to fulfill business needs, he learned new software programs and eventually he was the only founder left in the company. “It all grew organically, and even though there were bumps on the way I always enjoyed working with metal, that was the one element that was never changing, I like that metal remains the same, it´s like talking to a friend that you have known for years”.
Quico seems to have a love story with metal and he loves and appreciates the possibilities in it´s rawness. As he appoints, metal is everywhere and even if we may not appreciate it or even see it in our every day lives, it is there, present. His dream is creating original metal forms that people can appreciate and integrate into their lives, pieces that can create a sense of beauty, quietness and peace as a part of their home décor. This is one of the reasons why he got interested in the furniture business. “I love creating pieces of metal, they are like puzzle pieces that come together”. His company has been creating elements for bigger products for years, it´s his job, but he never thought of applying that knowledge to create a whole interior design range that he could commercialize. Even though he had been crafting furniture pieces for his own home and garden that he was not able to find anywhere else, he needed a commercial incentive to develop his own creations. His partner Javier Jover was the one that gave him this push, made him believe in his skills and the one that encouraged him to create little “made to measure” authentic pieces that would challenge his brain, be viable and reliable, and fulfill his needs and sense of style. Even though it´s difficult to compete in a market that is saturated with metal and furniture companies he trusts that his honest and vertically integrated business will continue to deliver consistent quality. His business has grown organically but with passion, looking for challenges and finding solutions, considering possibilities and making them happen. He appreciates working with trusting partners that help him grow with their knowledge, but as a realistic person he knows his limits. “We won´t promise what we can´t deliver, but our collection and what we present to our consumers and followers will be an exclusive product delivered impeccably”. “I have always worked with metal and I have changed its shape to my taste accepting its characteristics, I´m now drawn to improve it visually, modify it with treatments and finishing that make it even more beautiful and refined. Will I ever stop learning? I hope not”.

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