Luxury Furniture design that speaks through emotions.

A gallery is a unique place that generates emotions, intentional feelings that come directly from a creative side. Designers and artists speak to the public trough their work, this is where all the creative professions converge in a universal language. The importance of a gallery lies in the ability to gather different disciplines under one roof. Furniture designers, sculptors, artists can share the same environment. Paintings, sculptures, next to designer seating go hand to hand, like the frame for a painting one cannot be with out the other.


A Gallery as a keeper of art and design.

Galleries are the epicenter forefront art and design and it needs to be the unprecedented with everything else, especially with every piece of furniture included in its interior design. Normally Galleries have open spaces, some have luxury furniture in front of a painting, where you can rest and admire the work. In that moment those two elements fuse into a whole immersive experience. Furniture design and paintings are born from the same urge to express a feeling, emotion or a necessity.

The power of Art and luxury furniture is measured by what it represents to us. We can identify ourselves with a piece of art just like with a piece of high-end furniture, we choose what products or brands will represent us, according to our personality our taste but more importantly our feelings, what this makes me feel. We are talking about Comfort and emotions. One can influence over the other. Without comfort only bad emotions emerge.

When manufacturing and designing high end furniture, designers apply technical and artistic skills to reach a demanding market looking for originality and innovation. High end furniture like a piece of art, it needs to grab your attention at first glance and play with your senses using colors, textures. In the case of furniture it also needs to have a functional objective and still maintain an attractive aesthetic.

Jover+Valls is born from the fusion of art and technology, pieces worth of contemplation able to generate pleasant emotions trough the comfort and exclusivity that each piece represents. Unique pieces of furniture and home décor products made with the passion and dedication it deserves.

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