Jover+Valls & Ivace, facilitating international commercial business relations.

Jover+Valls attended to what is called a commercial inverse mission, oriented to the habitat and construction sector, this relevant event was hosted by IVACE, in Valencia, Spain. The objective is to gather and organize meetings with potential international business partners. More than 90 Spanish companies attended the event.

During 3 days these companies will have the opportunity to present their offers to clients from different countries with a total of more than 24 importers from Argelia, Chile, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Mexico, Perú, Polonia and Tunisia.

Spanish furniture manufacturers on demand.

It’s a great opportunity for international countries to export our high-quality furniture manufactured in Spain. Desire products that are on high demand in the luxury sector, as is the case of United Arab Emirates and its constant demand on high end furniture, luxury home décor items and innovation on furniture manufacturing process.

Experts in luxury furniture and home décor items were able to meet and talk about the possibility of exporting designer furniture to countries interested in the European furniture manufacturing reputation.

This efficient way of facilitating business opportunities is on a rise and it has been done in previous years in different conventions such as Cevisama, Home textiles Premium and Habitat Valencia. Renowned events when it comes to furniture manufacturing and interior design around Europe.

A rank with the most demanding products such as luxury counter stools, leather chaise longue and artisan decoration items. Jover+Valls s as a high-end furniture manufacturer, wants to satisfy that international demand, giving the international market the opportunity to enjoy high quality products made in Europe.

It was a pleasure to attend this relevant event. Jover+Valls thanks El Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) and all the people involved in this great initiative to promote our products and great relationships. Also, for giving us the tools needed to connect with businesses around the world.

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