Jover+Valls Representing Spanish Design in Paris, France.

Jover+Valls was in Paris, France. In an important event about ¨Spanish Design¨ organized by CCI France-Espagne, a team of professionals responsible in the development of commerce between Spain and France, with the objective to promote business relations between these countries and furniture manufacturers.

CCI is an Organization with an important influence on business relations and business development among European countries. This month CCI hosted an event that gathers relevant Spanish furniture designers, furniture manufacturers and architects. Spanish professionals that have made a name in the industry, will share the business knowledge required to conquer international markets, all these furniture brands do not treat each other as competitors instead as representatives of a growing international furniture industry that represents Spain, already with a great reputation in the manufacturing of high end products, due to the top quality materials it produces such as leather.

CCI is known for providing among other services the organization of commercial missions, facilitation of business reunions, conferences, informing about events such as commercial fairs and providing help with obtaining certificates and permits.

Other interesting and helpful services are the edition of magazines and publications with all the digital and physical distribution according to each business. All together essential information and help when it comes to the development of business from beginning to end.

Jover+Valls and CCI with all the other brands as proud ambassadors of Spanish furniture design in the world. As a reminder that Spanish reputation is in constant expansion, just as with food products Spain is once again taking over the furniture industry.

Jover+Valls wants to thank all the professionals that made this event possible, for recognizing our high end furniture & home décor as representatives of an industry. Our sustainable manufacturing process, traditional techniques and natural leather puts our line of products ahead in innovation and design.

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