Emotional design on high end products, Jover+Valls.

In a highly competitive market, luxury brands compete to distinguish themselves to engage customers. With several classifications, luxury products not only underline quality and price, over time design strategies are based on principles, like being able to recognise industry trends, customizing, sustainability, tending to art and also provide a luxury experience.

It’s important to highlight there is a strong emotional bond with the customer and their desires, positive feelings and experiences shape the perspective evaluation of the brand. Jover+Valls proposes a model for emotional branding strategies focusing on senses, art and technology, empowering the brand towards an evolution of luxury furniture and home decor.

Jover+valls is a brand with a strong emotional relationship with the market. Customers do not forget how a brand makes them feel, creating a critical factor in the development of the brand long term loyalty. Fashion and Design has been associated trough out time to symbolic and hedonic products, defining the design as a path to stimulate the need to fulfil their desires and experiences trough high-end products, such as designer chairs and stools.

Branding trough senses and story telling creates an empowerment and an emotional connection with the most demanding sector in the market. High end furniture and luxury home decor items can be considered as key products due to its personal connection with the user, always in contact with the most personal areas of life.

Spanish leather stool.

Jover+Valls is a brand that not only speaks trough high quality materials, technology advancements and sustainability but aso appeals to a more personal level. Our customers are not only focused on products specifics but also gain emotional rewarding experiences, recent technology advancements give us the tools to be more connected with each other, creating a superb customer service experience and a great feedback channel, this communication channel helps our brand to shape and adapt to customers needs and desires.


Jover+valls will continue to evolve with a strong emotional bond towards its customers, luxury products and also the environment without compromising the quality and the philosophy of the company, high end furniture, luxury home decor items designed and manufactured with emotions in mind, aimed towards taking comfort and lifestyle to a higher level.

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