Jover+Valls & ICFF International contemporary furniture fair. New York City.

ICFF is a true landmark when it comes to global design. ICFF serves as a worldwide platform for designers to present their latest work and trends. This event host everything from high-end furniture, carpets, lighting, wall coverings, textiles and more! Jover+Valls had the opportunity to be part of this renowed event to meet with business partners and future providers of our select furniture.

ICFF unites designers from all over the world, providing a comunication channel for new trends and styles on the forefront of design. Jover+valls is contantly on the search of the latest styles, always in touch first hand with the market and brands that share the same line of high-end products.

Jover+valls is an international brand that manufactures high-end furniture for an international select market. This month the brand launched its first showroom in New York city. Accomplishing the desired plan to be physically present in the big apple along with all the luxurious brands that share our passion of good designed and long lasting products.

We provide luxurious furniture made with the latest CNC precision manufacturing and the best quality materials. Artisan manufacturing process with state of the art machines, able to presicely produce the most sensual curves and attractive shapes. Jover+Valls blends craftmanship, art and technology to provide beautiful artistic furniture pieces for select interior design projects or elegant homes through out the world.

It was an amazing experience to enrich with the knowledge of design with the latest trends, and with forefront furniture designers from all over the world. Now that we have our curated furniture showroom in NYC.

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