Sustainability Jover+Valls

We work based on the premise that all our products and teams involved on their development must be sustainable and responsible. Our suppliers come from a proximity sourcing, which means that all our production is carried out in less than 150 km around us, even though most of our processes are made in our own […]

Collect 2020

There is no other place like London where to find such devotion to contemporary craftsmanship. Along the year there were a few events  to enjoy the creativity of makers and the refine execution of unique pieces. This year Jover+Valls has been part of the 16th edition of “Collect”. The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects” […]

High-end furniture and home decoration

Whenever you are about to choose high-end furniture and home decoration for your house, it is good for it to always represent your personality. This is because it is a place that you will call your home and probably spend the rest of your life. High-end furniture and home decoration gives refreshing artistic furniture taste to […]

Tumbona Hug de acero y cuero

Exclusive High-end furniture, Jover+Valls.

Have you ever thought of exclusive high-end furniture? If your answer is YES then you need to think JOVERS +VALLS . Jovers +valls is a leading producer of exclusive luxury design furniture Our furniture is state of the art and meets all European Spanish standards. Our passion for high-end modern has propagated old fashion that […]

Exclusive stools Jover+Valls.


Finding exclusive furniture has never been easy, especially when it comes to high end furniture. Many people buy furniture, not just because they need it but also put on more emphasis on important factors as; The color, material, size of the space at home, the cost, features, durability. The modern world is flooded with many […]

Jover+Valls Spanish furniture in mexico

Jover+Valls is in the Mexico-Spain Designers gathering hosted by DUH ART Design.

On October 16 on the occasion of the 10th CIDI Ibero-American Biennial of Interior Design, Design and Landscaping 2019-2020, DUH-ART Design in association with ANIEME have convened the: “Design Party Mexico-Spain”. ANIEME (National Association of Furniture Industrialists and Exporters of Spain), promoter of the event, in order to disseminate and gather the most relevant brands […]

Jover+Valls in Decorex international

Jover+Valls presents its luxury furniture collections at Decorex International London for the First Time.

The firm’s first two collections, Wanderlust and Hug, arrive to UK. Showcasing in Decorex International 2019. The collections of Jover+Valls include exquisite pieces for relaxation, such as elegant chaises longues, sober armchairs, cushions, marble trays…and functional and sophisticated stools, Its pieces of furniture are small works of art that, as well as providing functionality, decorates the […]

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