Contemporary furniture and home decor

The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.

The contemporary luxury of the future is handcrafted.With the expansion of our current stock on home décor items, we are working with artisan collaborators in different disciplines, because we want to highlight a beautiful trade that creates unique pieces.  We are living in times of a continuous loss of hand-crafted trades, real authentic products and […]

Jover+Valls Representing Spanish Design in Paris, France.

Jover+Valls was in Paris, France. In an important event about ¨Spanish Design¨ organized by CCI France-Espagne, a team of professionals responsible in the development of commerce between Spain and France, with the objective to promote business relations between these countries and furniture manufacturers. CCI is an Organization with an important influence on business relations and business […]

Tanning of our high quality leather, Jover+Valls.

SADDLE LEATHER Our saddle skins are derived from the highest quality cattle in the European food industry.We are able to achieve greater uniformity of the hide by selecting cows that are raised in fenced pastures, free of vegetation and wildlife that can cause damage to the skin.European cattle are governed by strict health regulations, eliminating […]

Quico Valls Interview

Quico Valls is a calm, caring and reserved character. Born in Alcoy, Alicante (Spain), the city has always been his playground for 43 years, the place where he grew up, where he feels at home after his travels and where he finds his inspiration. If you were to ask him where he would wake up […]

Javier Jover Interview

PROCESS, CONSIDERATIONS AND AIMS: To draft this interview and its content company profiles and fashion creatives interviews published in Business of Fashion have been studied. This interview aim is to support the information described in section ABOUT US, but giving a more personal approach to the brand. In this case the founders opinions, experiences and […]

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