Leather Cushion, Made with Exclusive Pirarucu Fish

Height: 6.19 in. (15.7 cm)
Width: 6.19 in. (15.7 cm)
Depth: 3.23 in. (8.2 cm)



The Pirarucu fish leather cushion. Pirarucu fish comes from Brazilian food industry, it is the second largest river fish in the world after the beluga. Vegetable taning and dyed with anilines. Down feather insert.

Equipo Jover+Valls

JOVER+VALLS is a Spanish home decor atelier where honesty and craftsmanship come together to create unique pieces of curated furniture.

Produced in Spain using traditional techniques and know how, JOVER+VALLS challenges the crafts to bring innovation and new interpretations.

The melding of carefully selected materials with innovative twisting, welding and finishes creating unique pieces that are a reflection of the brands personality.

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