Tanning of our high quality leather, Jover+Valls.


Our saddle skins are derived from the highest quality cattle in the European food industry.We are able to achieve greater uniformity of the hide by selecting cows that are raised in fenced pastures, free of vegetation and wildlife that can cause damage to the skin.European cattle are governed by strict health regulations, eliminating insects and ticks, which cause marks on the skin. Although we try to select the most uniform skins, small inconsistencies may appear that are inherent to the animal.

Cowhide is divided into three parts: the belly, the shoulder and the butt. The belly is the abdomen of the animal, these pieces are small, stretchy and most likely to have marks due its proximity to the ground. Belts are the most commonly produced leather goods from this part of the hide. The shoulder area usually has wrinkles, likely to appear more visible after tanning. Finally, the butt corresponds to the back of the animal. This area is the largest hide with fewer marks. Jover + Valls furniture is made using only this part of the hide. While it is the best part, we still take great care in our selection to ensure uniformity and hand pick size for each of ou rbespoke leather furniture designs.

Our skins have a minimum thickness of 3.5 mm, making it the thickest on the market. In the leather industry, the top layer is referred to as the grain and it is considered to be of higher quality because of its resilience. When the grain is thinner the bottom layer is used as suede, therefore, generating another material for the producer. A deeper processed layer results in the split that makes it more vulnerable and lower quality.

Our skins are vegetable tanned. Unlike the usual and more widespread tanning, vegetable tanning is free of chromium, which gives it a more sustainable nature and is environmentally friendly. Tanning is a time-honored craft practiced only in two regions of Spain, France and in Tuscany, Italy. Jover + Valls uses only hide that is made in Spain. Unlike the ones made in Italy, Spanish crafted leather are the least porous giving it a more natural look and making it softer to the touch.

The leather tanning process is carried out in cylindrical wooden drums more than 13 feet high, the skins are carefully placed in the drums and spin for hours, having to pass through several different processes. The first, eliminates the layer of salt placed on the skin for conservation during transportation. It concurrently removes any hair remaining on the skin. The skin is then mixed with water and pine bark in order to neutralize it. Pigments from natural seed bark, oils or waxes are used for coloring the hide. The skins are hung for weeks in ventilated interiors, until the skin is completely dry. When drying in dark interiors, it allows for the skin to look supple and natural.

The hides used in Jover + Valls furniture place the grain on both exterior sides. These two layers are reinforced via a specialized textile glue and mesh that gives it an additional reinforcement and anti-tear qualities.The loose edges of our leathers are then finished with a intensive manual process of sanding, painting and polishing to the match the color and tone of the leather.

Leather care and maintenance.Leather changes its appearance naturally with time. Color tone can fade in direct sunlight. At Jover + Valls we believe these changes add to the charm and unique character of our furniture.We recommend applying a layer of wax twice a year to keep the leather supple and stain-free. Beeswax is a great water and stain repellent. Make sure that any product used does not contain solvents or silicone.

It can cause damage to the leather.Untreated leather is particularly susceptible to dirt and scratches. To clean use a moist cotton or wool cloth to wipe it down.If one chooses to replace the damaged leather or prefers another color from Jover + Valls, we will provide the necessary information for the replacement part.

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