Jover+Valls showcasing at Raw exhibition by Mint, in the London Design Festival 2019.

London Design Festival has been successfully promoting London as the design capital of the world since 2003, with an annual event that has achieved a huge support from sectors in design, education, government and important London organizations.

Design districts are the main elements of the Festival structure, with a theme for each district forming a network of engaging events. This year Brompton Design district theme is Nature/Nurture. Where contemporary design gallery, Mint, curates a unique exhibition named RAW, dedicated to unconventional design, bracing the theme on reducing the environmental impact. Limited edition pieces with more than 60 designers included Jover+Valls exclusive furniture.

Spanish exclusive furniture

RAW an atypical exhibition  by Mint,  showcasing products in the renowned London Design Festival starting September 14th to 30th 2019.  In the Brompton Design district, know to be the first London design festival district, now an iconic area with many international design brands.

Their exhibitions are based on the principle of creative collaborations between designer and gallery, showcasing innovative products chosen with a distinctive interpretation of trends and thir exceptional attention to detail.

Mint was established in 1998 by Lina Kanafani in Central London.  Now a recognized trendsetter for its cutting edge collections of innovative pieces, showcasing contemporary design products by designers from around the world, like wise supporting emerging talents. A gallery focused on sustainability of materials and methods with a pursuit of ¨Considerate design¨.

Mint design gallery


Considerate design is a concept being developed to support designers to ingrain sustainability into their decision making process, with considerations such as:

  •  Customization of the products considering the end user.
  •  The efficient use of materials by minimizing waste.
  •  Local ¨On demand¨ production and short travel distance.
  •  Greater Longevity of products by meeting user needs.

 “Sustainability and circular design are imperative when curating the gallery. I feel strongly about reducing harmful consumption in the design industry through promoting material conscious designs. Respecting and persevering nature should be our ultimate goal.” Mint.

Jover+Valls business philosophy meets the considerate design criteria, building long lasting products with the customization options of the exclusive furniture, contemplating the end user needs. The company’s providers are ¨On deman¨ with in a few kilometers in the same region of the Valencian community. Moreover when it comes to materials Jover+Valls uses Spanish leather sourced from cattle raised free in nature, leather with a complex handmade natural process that reduces the impact on producing chemical waste by  vegetable tanning with organic techniques that relies on bark , plant tissues and oils from natural fats.

Spanish furniture

¨ Brompton’s curational theme, Nature/Nurture explores how design protects and learns from the natural word, reconsidering our physical and emotional connection to nature, particulary in the urban environment¨  London Design Week.

The Festival has a record breaking  of 588,200 attendees and visitors from over 75 countries, promoting the cities creativity, drawing in the country´s graters thinkers, retailers, and educators to a celebration of design.  The festival has commissioned some of the most recognized designers to create sensational temporary structures, shining a bold new light on the city.

Jover+valls  feels honored for having its exclusive products by the hand of the grand design gallery in the brilliant exhibition Raw in the LDF 2019 and wants to thank Mint gallery for this exclusive opportunity  of being part of this distinguished international event when it comes to Design.

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