Jover + Valls presents its luxury furniture collections in Paris.

Jover+Valls, the Spanish home decoration atelier, which designs and manufactures unique and personalized high-end furniture, with a leather and steel base, will present its first two Wanderlust and Hug collections in Paris at the Spanish Embassy on December 3.

Jover+Valls‘ pieces will be displayed within the framework of a design exhibition organized by ICEX (Spain Export and Investment) and which will bring together the offer of about fifteen Spanish brands. IDEAT magazine will be responsible for the design and curating of the exhibition, which seeks to strengthen ties with France, the main market for Spanish decoration and its design products.

Jover+Valls creations will be framed in an exhibition composition that will recreate scenes of everyday life in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Paris.

Wanderlust and Hug disembark in the French capital after their departure from Valencia, in the context of the Valencia Disseny Week past September and being part of the Raw exhibition at the Mint Showroom, within the London Design Festival.

Their pieces, designed and made using artisan techniques and the highest technology, are conceived as furniture object-d’art, and are the result of the work of the founders of the project Javier Jover and Quico Valls.

The Jover+Valls collections bring together exquisite pieces for rest, among which we can find elegant lounge chairs, sober armchairs and also functional and sophisticated stools and foot stools, the result of an exquisite combination of materials such as steel and leather , basis of the design and manufacture of the firm.

Wanderlust and Hug, the first collections

The Wanderlust collection, composed of chaise-lounges, armchairs, stools and foot stools, is inspired by the philosophy of Mies van Der Rohe, one of the directors of the Bauhaus. ‘Less is more’ and ‘God is in the details’ summary this collection that brings together serene pieces where exclusivity and precision are shown in small details such as turned nuts and hand-turned metal screws. And where the robustness of metal structures is presented in perfect communion with vegetable tanned cowhide leather.

The Hug collection, composed of pieces such as chaise longue, armchair, stools and stools, foot stools, seeks to evoke the lines of the landscape, the curves of nature and the imaginary silhouette of the wind. A collection of metallic sculptures with organic shapes, designed and conceived with a light aesthetic, in which steel is combined with the flexibility of naturally embossed leather. Jover + Valls pieces, converted into ergonomic sculptures, allow for an exciting and personal experience.

Jover+Valls interior design pieces combine metal and premium saddle leather that guaranties the durability and strength. Although each family of products has a different aesthetic, all are specific to bring exclusivity and comfort to the home. The goal is to create a real and timeless product that ages elegantly with the passage of time, objects worth to inherit.


Javier Jover, CEO & Founder, is the Product Director. Outgoing and with an enveloping personality, he is a passionate traveler who likes to explore the world. He brings to the firm his more than 15 years of experience in retail in the fashion sector linked professionally with Zara (Inditex). Quico Valls, CEO & Founder, accumulates a long experience in metal-working – a material that confesses he is passionate – and responsible for the designs and quality of the firm. The company designs, produces and trades from its facilities in Alcoi. The firm’s products are present in the prestigious American portal, specialized in the luxury segment, from where they reach the world. The firm shares a showroom in New York with other Spanish brands, at 183, Madison Avenue (New York).

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