Javier Jover Interview


To draft this interview and its content company profiles and fashion creatives interviews published in Business of Fashion have been studied.

This interview aim is to support the information described in section ABOUT US, but giving a more personal approach to the brand. In this case the founders opinions, experiences and taste are considered to understand the construction of the brand and the inspiration behind it.

To create the questions the JOVER+VALLS brand presentation has been used, as this interview should give further details about the brand through the thoughts of its founders.

Due to the extension of the texts, I´m considering creating 2 different profiles, one for Javier Jover and one for Quico Valls. (To be discussed) (Please note that when mentioning the partners in any of the interviews, articles, etc., Javier will always be mentioned first to follow the structure of the brand name JOVER+VALLS) This interview, aims to answer questions about style, consumer, inspiration, relation to fashion, locations, lessons from the past and reasons to create interior furniture. The order of the questions is not important yet. I will mix the information in the best way possible to come from an inspiration line (probably describing the moment in which you knew that there wasn’t a WAY BACK, the decision to create the brand and the furniture had been taken) to considerations for the future. Each of the questions already has suggested answers that facilitate talking about the brand and displaying the creative and business strategy behind it.

In my opinion it defines the work being done by Javier.


The next interview will be directed to Quico and it will focus on manufacturing processes, precision, and appreciation of details. I want to aim to describe a person that knows technique and enjoys it with Spanish passion.

Javier Jover is a natural extrovert character, a bubbly and engaging person, interested in art and culture, passionate about what he does, no matter what that may be. A constant traveler that loves exploring the world, meeting new people and collecting stories, an urbanite with an old soul who likes to come back home, compile experiences and display objects of the world in his own home.

If you were to ask him where he would wake up in the middle of a perfect dream, his answer would be NYC, in a room facing Central Park, a place that reminds him of the forest surrounding his cottage in Spain and his well-manicured grass yard at home. He would be drinking his favorite jasmine tea, the one he always carries with him, while observing the mixture of skyscrapers with pretty townhouses and probably getting ready for his morning run.

In his more than 15 years experience in fashion, having occupied retail-related positions at the fashion emporium Zara (Inditex), Javier has had the opportunity to travel the world and absorb experiences. Many nights away from home, in hotel rooms that he wishes could have given a sense of comfort. That´s why he preferssmall and cozy hotels with personality, with a sense of uniqueness, places where he feels inspired and finds little décor gems that he may apply afterwards to his own house. Hotels where the staff is professional and can give you recommendations about the city and the surroundings without the need of reviewing all the menus, guides and city maps that normally fill all your working space in your room. “Hotels should simplify your stay. All extra information needed should be supplied by a good concierge”.

Many have been the places that he has visited for lunch and he remembers fondly Pastis in NYC, in the Meatpacker District, prior to its appearance in Sex and the City, when still the neighborhood was a mixture of artist, fashion people and meat warehouses. Unfortunately closed, It was a French inspired restaurant where you could eat quality food, with cool staff, in a classic environment with good music, surrounded by fashion professionals working in the immediacies, people from creative world. The place had a touch of class, slightly pretentious, but there you could always find friendly people.

That place still brings him good memories of a conversation with a colleague about the relation between fashion and furniture. Javier considers that fashion is a way to express yourself to the world, an ephemeral consumption, where you invest in beautiful garments that, for one reason or another, in a quite short period of time you won´t use anymore. On the contrary, he thinks that once you acquire objects for your home décor, they will accompany you for many years, they will evolve with you. “Home décor is a reflection of your soul, an intimate reflection of your true self, that you share with your family and friends. In my 15 years of fashion experience I have dressed the exterior of too many people, now I care more about their home souls”.

Not an easy task this one, that’s why while searching for inspiration for his Interior design ranges he considers many aspects, from his home view into the mountains into the calmness of his surroundings, to the stories behind the objects that you can find in flea markets such as the Marche de Paul Bert a Paris; from his early morning runs through historical gardens such as the St James Park in London or discovering upcoming neighborhoods like Corniche in Beirut. “I´m inspired by food, but specially by watching people interacting, that why in his trips I always books a nice restaurant in the city that I am visiting to observe the crowd, and their interactions in a well decorated space, it´s like a theatre”. He finds that staged and theatrical feeling as well in concept stores. Indeed concept stores are the chosen distribution channel for JOVER+VALLS. The store spirit and their customers need to match the vision of uniqueness and exclusivity that we propose and the way of living of our urbanite consumer.

Many are as well the US writers and artists that have inspired him along his life, all of them characterized by a sober simplicity and elegance that somehow Javier tries to reflect as well in his home décor ranges and details. “Our furniture may be a secondary element in your home, objects that you may not see at first glans, but the appreciation will rise with time and use”

With his vast experience in fashion and fast fashion, there is no more space for FAST in his life. No fast fashion, no fast living. Now he appreciates the time dedicated to the process of creation, design, materials selection and time with suppliers. “Perfection takes time and resources. You need to sit back, reflect, choose well, listen to your clients, understand their needs and think as a Home Décor tailor that creates bespoke furniture that will age slowly with them and with you”

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