Leather and steel make up the soul of Jover+Valls collections.

Quality cannot be compromised when designing and crafting exclusive and long lasting bespoke furniture. JOVER+VALLS values of simplicity, comfort, exclusivity, innovation and craftsmanship are continuously present when selecting materials.

JOVER+VALLS home décor pieces combine metal and leather in a way that ensures durability and strength while keeping the original and pure look and feel of its components.

With the aim of creating customized furniture, clients can select from the multiple metal finishes, and the finest leather qualities and colors to create pieces that complement their home décor.

Saddle Leather

JOVER+VALLS uses premium vegetable tanned leathers in multiple colors in order to adjust to your taste and interior needs. This traditional method of tanning leather is an organic technique that relies on natural tannings from bark or plant tissues. The use of oils and natural fats give the leather a distinctive flexibility and texture, allowing it to be molded, retain its shape and age graciously.

All of the skins are carefully selected, with a minimum thickness of 4mm, using the part of the animal’s croup, which allows for larger pieces and uniformity.

The bovine hides are Spanish vegetable tanned skins that come mostly from cattle raised in nature. Even with careful selection natural marks as a result of the contact with other animals, the age, origin and characteristics of the skin, or even the season in which the tanning takes place cannot be avoided. We still believe that these factors only add authenticity and uniqueness to every piece.

The process of vegetable tanning is a traditional and artisan treatment, which is respectful to the environment. This process is carried out in wooden drums in which the skins are mixed with natural tannins that are obtained from waxes, seeds, fruits, leaves and bark.

This tanning method maintains the structure and elasticity of the skin providing extreme comfort, and the natural tannins conceive a unique color that changes slightly with the passage of time and the effect of natural light.

The quality of the leather and the artisanal tanning give it a natural protection. For added conservation and elasticity Jover+Valls recommends using natural waxes, unless you prefer the piece developing a used look, which can create a design value on its own.


JOVER+VALLS selects strong but malleable metals to allow innovative pieces.


The steel used in JOVER+VALLS has a small proportion of carbon, which allows strength and toughness as well as ductility. All these qualities enable perfect weldability and provide durability and performance.

The process of crafting our steel structures is as traditional as the tanning of our skins.

The TIG and MIG welding processes used by Jover+Valls, although more complex, provide smooth and polished surfaces, and result in better quality standards and aesthetics.

After fusing the different elements into their desired shapes, each piece goes through a manual and delicate chroming process, which gives it its final and unique metal finish.

The chroming process begins with the sanding and polishing of the metal to eliminate any porosity of the steel. In addition to providing smoothness to the surface, it helps in the fixation and uniformity of the metallic finish. The high quality can be best assessed when looking at the joints and weld finishing.

Once the piece is polished, it is necessary to submerge it in a cleaning container that removes any trace of fat by means of electric current. After an initial bath in nickel or copper, the metal structure goes through a succession of fixing and washing containers to neutralize the chemical process carried out on the metal.

The last step is an electrolysis process; a manual and precise technique to achieve a uniform metallic finish of 5 microns over the entire surface. The three different metallic finishes are brass, aged silver, black smoke.

The meticulous process that transforms steel rods into the final metal structure reflects the attention and care devoted to each piece of furniture.