Metal work with precision craftmanship, Jover+Valls.


Our exclusive furniture is made with steel that contains a portion of carbon, which gives it sufficient flexibility to shape and mold, yet maintains its resilience and durability.

The rods and metal plates are cut exactly to fit each correspondent part. It goes through a process of turning and milling in high precision machines. It is the same technology used in sectors as diverse as luxury watchmaking, aeronautics and in the medical field, now used in a unique modern furniture collection.

The bend and curve is created in cold semi-automatic machines of numerical control to ensure the uniformity between the different pieces.

We use mechanical means for our joints, brass fasteners with the logo of the brand, welding Tig or Mig according to the type of joint to be made. This welding presents greater resistance and uniformity in the fusion of the metal. The quality of the finish of our handmade furniture is appreciated more when it is imperceptible to the consumer.

The metal finishing process consists of three different procedures. The first is the manual polishing of the metal parts to reach the smooth layer of steel which results in a glossy satin finish. Afterwards, different dyes for the furniture will be made consisting of different liquid solutions to be applied as different coatings to the metal. The process always begins with an initial layer of nickel or brass, depending on the color of the final finish (silver or gold). The piece is then placed again in containers filled with solutions for the chosen metal (gold, silver or copper). The final phase of the finishing is the application of a protective lacquer, also done by immersion. The finished result is a coating with approximately 50 microns, depending on the color.

Our metal finish has exceeded the maximum standards in tests against resistance and corrosion for interior furniture use in humid zones. Ref. UNE-EN ISO 12944-2

We recommend cleaning the metal parts of this high end furniture with a soft, lightly moistened cloth and a neutral soap. Then quickly dry with a soft cloth. We discourage the use of aggressive cleaning products (acids, lye, solvents, disinfectants, etc…) and abrasives (scourer, wire brushes, etc…) Using these products and cleaning agents dulls the brilliance of the coatings in an accelerated way and may even cause corrosion.

In Jover+Valls we work based on the pronciples of craftmanship and rationality, Combining art and technology to produce a one of a kind collection of high end furniture.

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