Luxury Furniture and Home Decor products with character and style for your living space.

Products in your home, should show the most daring or creative side of each self, these products cohabit with us every day, leather chairs, counter stools, arm chairs… There is always a reason why we choose certain products, from a designer point of view, is path to upgrade your style of living and life quality, everyone deserves the best high-end products and the best life.

There are certain luxury furniture pieces that speaks for itself, it’s the case of the Vegetable tanned leather chaise longue. This elegant and ergonomic design grabs our attention with its sensual lines made of sturdy steel. The artisan leather shapes around the body with an enveloping sensation, providing a relaxing and comfort experience.

Modern style design from Europe

HUG COLLECTION, Chaise Longue. Aged Brass and Dark Brown Leather.

An example of an exquisite modern style furniture design is the case of the Wanderlust stool, this robust luxury stool has its own personality. With its steel bars twisted like clay and its symmetrical structure create a perfect balance with its double faced leather seats. The place of your home with these stools will definitely not go unnoticed.

WANDERLUST COLLECTION, Brass and Black Leather Stool. 

When it comes to luxury home décor items, uniqueness and high quality materials is a must, With one of the most exclusive home décor materials available, this line of cushions brings the exotic amazon of Brazil to your home.  The Pirarucu fish leather cushion is an eye catching home décor item, its texture and skin diamond patterns creates a hypnotizing attraction to it. This luxury cushion will clearly be a conversation starter.

Pirarucu fish leather cushion

Pirarucu fish leather cushion. Luxury Accessories. 

An important home décor product in shared spaces is a luxury mirror, this product has the ability to create deepness making a space even bigger, it can also create more lighting by reflecting the light of an elegant lamp or the sunlight from a window. This important item also reflects confidence and delicacy of the whole interior design.

We conclude by highlighting the importance of choosing the right high end products for your next interior design project, every piece is made with the best, unique materials available, artisanship and technology reflected in each high end furniture or home décor item, echoing the identity of the brand Jover+Valls.

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