Jover+Valls, reviving the philosophy of extending the useful life of products.

On these last years we been facing an unsustainable business model leading to environmental disaster, caused by economic and social problems. Planned obsolescence was a norm on the manufacturing of products in the last 20 years. A model based on produce, use and throw away. Jover+Valls proposes a possible solution from a linear to a circular model, starting with the idea to lengthen the useful life of products. Jover+Valls believes in creating long lasting products, true collection pieces that can even be inherited.

The term Green furniture, encompass products that use materials from sustainable sources, have low toxic materials levels, manufactured locally with all of our providers close by, also durable enough to last. At the same time lend itself to be easily repaired and recycled.

Modern furniture design with organic techniques

Our modern furniture designs are made with hand-made and natural processes, like our vegetable tanned leather, a complex method that reduces the impact on producing chemical waste due to the process of organic techniques that relies from bark, plant tissues and oils from natural fats. As our main sustainable source, the tanned leather used in our luxury furniture comes from cattle raised free in nature. As a result, high quality vegan leather, made with a traditional and artisan treatment, these days done by few in Spain.


Jover+Valls believes in simplicity, comfort, exclusivity, craftmanship and specially innovation. The concern of environmental issues leads this company to craft furniture that is not a threat to the environment, rather a product that represent durability and style.

Innovation on precision furniture

Luxury furniture, made with strong and malleable metals, machined with CNC (computer numerical control) A precise process that allows the metal worker to bend, twist, cut and create pieces with low residual waste, since the process is calculated numerically to be the most efficient method these days.

When crafting high end furniture, quality materials and innovative processes is a must, Jover+Valls is innovation in luxury furniture design, with a conscious sustainable philosophy. Each product is the perfect example to change what was established, a norm that had an irreversible impact, can now be approached differently without compromising luxury, design and our planet.

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