Sustainability Jover+Valls

Jover+Valls Chaise Lounge Black Smoke Steel and Navy Blue Saddle Leather

We work based on the premise that all our products and teams involved on their development must be sustainable and responsible.

Our suppliers come from a proximity sourcing, which means that all our production is carried out in less than 150 km around us, even though most of our processes are made in our own facilities in Alcoy, Spain. The partners we look for, tent to be small family owned enterprises with shared values and with a deep know-how on crafts based on the inherited tradition. Working with closer suppliers we try to reduce carbon footprint of our products. We must be away from the hectic move of goods from one side to the other of the world.

We believe on supporting the economic development of our region craftmanship by applying traditional techniques on the elements and materials we use on the execution of the product. Craftworks about to be lost because of the massive importations from cheaper origins during the recent years back. Working to grow local employment by the production of high value objects.

Leather used at Jover+Valls comes from the closest tannery to our enterprise with the same quality orientation as ours. Our hides are a by-product of food industry from European cattle, tanning process is made using ancient vegetable technique where water and tree barks are the main additive to the leathers, so waste is innocuous to the environment

Jover+Valls products are made to last; we like to say that our products “worth to inherit” as we produce them with the idea that they must remain and will pass from one generation to another. Same as the objects all we had at our parent’s homes already used by our prior generations. We believe in product that will accompany you forever because the quality is undoubtable.

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