Jover+Valls official product Launch at the Jan Royce Gallery during Valencia Design Week.

Valencia design week celebrates its 10th edition from the 17th to the 20th, of September. Organized by the association of designers of the Valencian community, that during this week there will be a series of activities to highlight the Valencian design culture and business to an international crowd. Among all the activities there will be furniture showrooms, exhibitions, contests, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, shops… many activities to place Valencian design as an international reference.

The Valencia design week collaborates with other relevant events such as the Habitat fair, which serves as a showcase for professionals in habitat, furniture and home décor sector. This event unites all the conditions to be an international referent with international furniture design projects as their main strength. Manufacturers will present all their feature products, to agents, buyers, studios, to build an audience interested in Spanish furniture, interiors and talent.

Jover+Valls arises in the Valencia community, in the city of Alicante, a region known for its weather, amazing food and also its history in design and arts, as an example, the world-famous hand painted Valencian tiles… and what better place to do the official product launch in Spain, where it all began.

Jover+Valls Authentic furniture

We believe the Valencia design week is the proper opportunity to release to the public the newest collections of exclusive furniture by Jover+Valls and to meet the founders of the company.

The philosophy of the company is the combination of the visions of the two founders, one has a technological background and the other one has an arts and crafts degree. A not so ordinary mix able to create unique modern style furniture and exclusive home décor accesories with a perfect balance of technology and art. Luxury home accessories worth of contemplation, with a design able to create emotions trough each product.

The vision of artistic souls,  Jover+valls marks its identity with a very artistic side, objects that can communicate, transmit a message and create emotions can be considered as art, this is why Jover+Valls exclusive furniture fits perfectly in an art gallery for its official launch.

The Jan Royce Gallery was chosen as the ideal place for the product launch, because its pieces of contemporary art, its beautiful gallery and their incredible team of professionals turned this space into a genuine and cultural place. The pieces shown in the gallery are from different artists from around the world, supporting the local talent and the development of arts. Sculptures, paintings… each piece is unique. The human sculptures instantly grab your attention, built with metals such as iron and copper that bend and twist in the most organic forms, reminding us of our passion with our steel furniture and the close relationship there is between art and design.

Jover+Valls and the Jan Royce gallery as the representation of the union of Arts and Design. A collaboration that will become a referent in Valencia, together to bring an immersive cultural experience for a select crowd.

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