Prestigious Spanish Newspaper ¨EL MUNDO¨ : interviews Jover+Valls.

The Spanish newspaper ¨EL MUNDO¨, one of the most prestigious newspapers in Spain that exceeds 700,000 thousand daily readers, has echoed the news: Jover + Valls is in Valencia, chosen World Design Capital in 2022.

With the rise of the Valencia Design Week, there are several events that have added to the renowned week surrounding everything related to contemporary design. This is the case of the Valencia Open, the opening of prestigious galleries. It is in the case of ¨EL MUNDO ¨ they didn’t missed the appointment by going to the Jan Royce Galery .

There, they been able to check first-hand exclusive furniture. From the works of art of Africans Leanne Oliver and Stanislaw Trzebisnki from the Jan Royce Foundation, to the exclusive Jover + Valls furniture by Javier Jover and Quico Valls.

The meeting gave rise to a small interview. There was a talk of how Javier knew the leather very well and Quico the metal. After three years of hard work, they could now show this exclusive furniture formed by these two collections:  Wanderlust, with great influence of the Bauhaus school, and the Hug, with more organic shapes and curved cylindrical rods. They also talked about the way of working, in which they always use materials such as marble, leather, noble metals … and technology linked to aeronautics.

As ¨EL MUNDO¨ explains, this proximity to the Bauhaus school of the Wanderlust collection resembles, as it could not be otherwise, the ideas of its last director Mies van der Rohe, designer of the iconic Silla Barcelona. This left a legacy of maxims to follow by any designer such as: “less is more” or “God is in the details.” And it is true, it is here where Jover + Valls differs from the rest, in the details. The top quality furniture cannot ignore the smallest details. From the meticulous TIG and MIG welds, invaluable to the most exquisite observer to coatings with a neat artisan quality. All this makes Jover + Valls furniture highlight a perfect finish and an aesthetic worthy of an art gallery.

“Whoever buys this product assumes that quality is out of the question. Whoever looks for this type of pieces is looking for something beyond. You could say they buy art, that’s why they are show in an art gallery. It is the luxury of what is not seen, of what one feels ”, Javier Jover.

There was time to joke and he wondered if it was true, as the architect Mies van der Rohe pointed out, that making a chair is more complicated than building a skyscraper. Being frank, Jover + Valls never done a skyscraper, but exclusive chairs yes and can say that it is a very complex process especially if you take into account the artisan finishes. They are made manually and are comfortable. We tried it. Chairs that symbiotically mix metallic coldness and the warmth of leather.

Jover + Valls wishes to thank the newspaper ¨EL MUNDO¨ and his team, for joining us in the Jan Royce gallery together with Olivier’s intriguing plastic and Trzebinski’s enigmatic sculptures in the presentation of our exclusive furniture. We also want to take the opportunity to remember that due to the successful reception we have received, the exhibition will be extended until next Friday, September 27. See News


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